Driving business growth and innovation to transform your business through enhanced Customer acquisition and retention!

We are an Omnichannel call centre business with our strategic focus solely on the delivery of high quality inbound, outbound, non-voice, and digital services to our cross-sector clients.

We at Exquisite are your proven, capable partner to take charge of your back-end needs that help you focus your resources single-mindedly on your core functions as an organisation.

We are a pioneer investor in a modern indigenous Business Outsourcing centre in the region, and the largest BPO in Uganda in terms of capacity and scalability. We offer 24/7 support to our clients across sectors and territories.

Inbound Call Center-Based Customer Service:

An exquisite customer services operation is pivotal to a memorable experience of any company’s customer, key to customer retention and therefore sustainable business.

By outsourcing your Customer Services department to Exquisite Solution, we guarantee your business – and indeed your customers – a professional, turnkey solution customised for your specific business and customer needs and circumstances but always built on our Brand values of Innovation, Passion and meticulous Professionalism.  

Value proposition for an Outsourced Call-Center based Customer Service:

The decision to outsource brings value to you as company in different shapes as highlighted among others;

  • Provide you with People, Processes and Technology to handle “non-core” functions for you so you can focus on what is core to you as a business.
  • Offer a sustenance model by relieving you from the burdens of carrying the extra-load that organisational growth presents.

In our outsourced model, we take on all your customer services requirements, working with you to implement systems and procedures that will streamline your operations and give you peace of mind and allow you pursue your strategic Business agenda. This we do through:  

  • Responding to and addressing your client queries
  • Tracking order, delivery and returns status
  • Email response including enquiries via the “contact-us” forms on your website
  • Solving your customers’ pain areas
  • Handling unforeseen spikes and taking charge of surges in Call Volumes

Our approach, where we meticulously spend invaluable time and effort learning about you and your business, your products and services, and your customers, making Exquisite an extension of your business, with callers be safe in the knowledge that they are speaking to agents that are indeed an extension of your company.

Overflow / Out-of-Hours

Today’s round-the-clock communications has enabled countless businesses to trade 24/7 as well as others to engage in borderless trading. Such businesses therefore must make themselves available 24 hours a day seven days a week for their customers, clients and suppliers alike.

Our offering allows you to permanently be at your customer’s service to serve them in real time in facets such as;

  • General Customer Service and client enquiries
  • Making emergency Callouts
  • Handling customer Billing
  • First point of contact for Specialised services – medical, legal, among others
  • Offering multi-level remote IT Support
  • Insurance including claims processing and actuarial services
  • Utilities like Power and Water services providers
  • Media and entertainment – like Pay TV renewals

Multi-Lingual Call Centre

With the ever-increasing dominance of across-boarder trading, it’s important for companies to have the ability to support their customers without hinderance paused by language barrier.

We at Exquisite pride ourselves with large pool of multi-lingual Agents and Advisors, many of them mother tongue speakers of the specific languages and of varying technical backgrounds to serve a multiplicity of customers with different technical needs.

Your customer helpline and inbound call centre campaign is manned by natural (“mother-tongue”) speakers of French, Chinese, Germany, Arabic, and local African dialects including Swahili, Somali, all Bantu and Luo dialects, among others.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Our highly trained and experienced pool of customer advisors and retention Agents are very adaptive to working across B2B and B2C campaigns with an equal level of efficiency.

Value Proposition for Outbound Call Center Services

Our outbound Call Center services – including telemarketing campaigns, customer acquisition and retention, appointment setting, market research, reactivation of churned customers, updating customer KYC, Debt collection, customer engagement and education, among others, allow you to focus on the present while Exquisite Solution’s highly skilled and experienced agents:

  • Maximise your business’s Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Help to grow your client base and brand awareness
  • Reach out to your existing customers or clients
  • Promote new product and services launches
  • Follow up mail shots and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Collect payments from customers on your behalf
  • Remind customers of their bill due dates
  • Collect feedback from your customers about your product and services.

Reactivating Churned or Dormant Clients

It’s much cheaper doing business with existing clients than finding new ones, nurturing relationships and trying to close new deals.

Inevitably, every business will lose customers over time due to external factors such as financial circumstances or a change in location or requirements, but for those who simply forgot about you or had a negative experience, all is not lost.

Our team will meticulously engage such customers on what their key pain areas were that led them into dormancy or churn with the view of converting them into once again active customers for your business.

We offer you the flexibility to choose either of our two Call Center Models, viz:

Hosted Call Center Model

We provide you with all the desired features of a Contact Center Service from our BPO center.

On-Premise Contact Center Model

Like some of clients especially in the banking sector have expressed a preference for due to the sensitive nature of their operations, with this model – and depending on client preference, we deploy sustainable and unmatched Contact Center Solutions at your facility – wherever you are – in line with your unique requirements.