Your First Job: Where to start?

The question that many people struggle with as they finish university and embark upon the real world is ‘What should I do with my life?’ The first thing to emphasize is that it is entirely natural to have difficulty in finding an answer to this – and, rather than being a problem, it can be a very good thing, because it gets you to focus on who you are and what you want to be.

We at Exquisite Solution Ltd believe that where most come unstuck is by looking at a range of careers and thinking – ‘could I do this?’ Rather, we suggest, you should look at yourself and identify what will be important to you in employment: What motivates you? What structures do you enjoy? Are you more people – or task-oriented? Yes. You ought to start by growing your portfolio of self-knowledge.

The shortcoming that some graduates and finalists don’t realize they have is that their mental map of the world of work is limited. Do you know what Social Enterprise is? Have you considered self-employment?

Ultimately, don’t be in too much of a hurry; it will often take experience to know what you want, and to refine your choices. Moreover, futurologists predict the average graduate will change jobs over twenty times in their career, so the key to your career will be continuing your learning and development, not your first job.

Go for education and experience over immediate salary – they will stay with you, whereas the extra few shillings will be of little importance in the long run. The ideal career will combine your talent, your passion and your conscience. It could be any or all of the above.

Always look out for the Exquisite Graduate Career and Education Fairs which offer you the chance to research careers and companies face-to-face, or, at the very least, give you some inspiration!

Alternatively, do register with our online recruitment service http://jobs.exquisitesolution.com and we shall link you to the various companies currently recruiting.

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