Protecting your mental health at work

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Have you thought about your mental health lately? We spend most of our hours at our offices but sometimes forget to make an effort to create an environment that harnesses mental health. Mental health is important because it enables creativity. Recent studies have shown that most physical illnesses were as a result of neglect of the mental well-being; relieving yourself of stress, worry, anxiety and anxiousness among others.

You have a responsibility to safe-guard your mental health even in places where you make money. Here are the five ways that you can protect your mental health at work;


You have to be aware of those things that might ignite feelings of anger, anxiety or any negative emotions. It could be negative feedback from your boss or colleague, writing important emails or the simplest thing as missing your most important meal of the day- breakfast. Identify patterns and where necessary, control those areas by creating a to-do-list, delegating where possible or consulting a colleague where you find difficulties.


For you to be able to have achieve mental health in the work place, you will need to create predetermined strategies to curb any areas that might cause stress or discomfort. Changing your lifestyle could be one of the pro-active approaches to curbing stress and protecting your mental health. For example, avoiding too much caffeine, controlling noise in your work space or something as simple as getting adequate sleep. Studies have shown that about 50% of people that get more sleep felt more at ease and are less anxious.


At work, you need to be able to be clear and confident about what you want. For instance, if you are a new mother, where in Uganda– a maternity leave of only 3 months is provided for most companies, you might find yourself under pressure and stress on how to juggle both your personal and professional life. It’s okay to ask for flexi time. If you have a lag of assignments that you can’t ignore, it is okay to ask your supervisor for additional time to complete. Speaking up and requesting for these adjustments will keep anxiety at bay instead of slightly feeling pressured and neglected by your HR or supervisor.


As much as relationships are important in your personal life, they are equally vital in the work place. You need to be able to understand your work place culture as you create a healthy work environment for your mental. Understand what about others triggers you; the loud co-worker or the nosy co-worker. There are so many personalities that you will meet at work but the trick is being aware of your preferences and anticipate reactions of each personality. This will save you from any misunderstandings as you will have a strategy on how to deal with each individual.


Productivity doesn’t mean working until the wheels fall off but rather considers how efficiently you spend your time. Therefore, being able to work until midnight is not directly co-related to productivity. For your mental health, you can spend four concentrated hours doing your best work other than 8 hours of scattered time. Working on tasks that spark deep thinking towards solutions and creativity in those four hours are what constitutes productivity. Find out your best working style; phone calls, emails, early mornings or late afternoons. This will help you plan out your day more efficiently and prevent any burn-out.

Taking these steps will not only lead to success in the work place but will increase your physical well-being- a healthy mind breeds a healthy man.

Daka Maureen

Daka Maureen

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