Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening / Employee Verification

We know how critical the hiring process is to you.  Quite literally, the next person you hire could be the  reason  for  your  company’s  success  or  failure.   That is why Exquisite Solution Ltd  has extended  its  range  of  services  to  offer  you  this  component,  previously  not  offered  anywhere here in Uganda. 

Nearly 47%  of  all  applicants  exaggerate  their  Experience,  Education,  and  ability  to  perform essential job functions, while over 18%  outright lie about  their  background.  The  result  is  some unlucky organizations have fallen to the folly, with Billion Shilling business errors being committed by top executives that were a direct result of a flawed hiring process.  

As regrettable as some of these incidents are, the saddest part is that they could have been and can be prevented.  Accurate background checks of  the individuals  we recruit  help reveal  their previous convictions and fabricated credentials and work experience. Knowing  an  employee’s  background  can  be  the  best  indicator  of  their  future  performance.

While  it  is  true  that  people  can  change  -and  often  they  do – it  is still  your responsibility  to gather  all  the  facts  before  making  a  hiring  decision.   Our thorough  and  accurate  pre- employment reports can help you avoid those costly hiring mistakes.

We at Exquisite Solution are dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate and cost-effective background checks to help you make those important hiring decisions.   Our service is tailored to both your objectives and timescales. Each of our clients has a different focus when vetting their staff  and  we  provide  precisely tailored  solutions  to  meet  these. Since  the  inauguration  of  this service,  we  have  helped  hundreds  of  companies  nationwide  with  their  pre-employment screening.   We  have  developed  a  reputation  for  providing  quality  service  and  personal consulting that is proving invaluable to our clients. 


  • Helps Reduce Fraud and Abuse-related Costs and Losses. This remains one of the most fundamental benefits you derive from the service.
  • You shall be able to identify prospective employees with a history of dishonesty, theft or embezzlement, allowing you to eliminate them during the hiring process.
  • As earlier mentioned, 18% of candidates that present themselves at interviews outright lie about their backgrounds. A lack of a National Database of convicted – or even simply suspected – criminals does not help the situation. Thus, it remains an uphill task for today’s employer to get to know the candidate’s record by simply relaying on the claims made by the candidate him/her self.
  • We offer professional recruitment and headhunting services for high profile vacancies.
  • Helps increase Productivity at the Workplace:

This is achieved through various ways all of which help improve organizational efficiency:

  • Reduces  labour  turnover. 
  • It  also  promotes  a  drug  free  workplace  by  excluding  candidates  with drug offenses
  • Helps reduce  a possibility of recruiting individuals with record of high  level of absenteeism 
  • Helps reduce Liability; solid pre-employment screening policies help avoid negligent hiring lawsuits, thereby keeping the incidence of lawsuits through legal compliance to the minimum.
  • To Reduce Workplace Violence and Work Interruptions. Your employees want to feel safe on the job. Employee background checks and other pre-employment screening tools can help weed out applicants with a violent past, decreasing the threat of violent incidents in the workplace. Much More..

Many more benefits accrue from pre-employment screening, including safety from the legal arm for abuse of terms like the immigration status of the candidate before hire, suits resulting from tragedies that may emanate from employing an unqualified / unlicensed employee to undertake duties that require special licenses, etc. 


Basic Screening:

Our “Basic Verification” , also known as Entry-Level check, is what we would call a Basic CV check – which verifies the core data of an Applicant. This would include the following checks:

  • Confirmation of address and other contact details
  • Dates of Employment
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Salary – as is usually used in determination of salary range to be offered
  • Reasons for Leaving
  • Eligibility for re-hire
  • Any comments / any discrepancies

Comprehensive Screening

“Comprehensive Verification” is a real powerhouse investigation.  In addition to everything in the “Basic” version, in this package;

  • We verify ALL academic transcripts offered by the candidate, including any professional qualifications claimed
  • We interview former supervisors
  • Interview professional Referees provided by the applicant


ALL Academic registrars in both the Private and Public Universities and institutions surveyed have experienced attempts to document false academic credentials by candidates. Exquisite Solution Ltd quickly and accurately verifies education information so you know if your applicant is being truthful and actually has the requisite credentials for the job. Our report includes the degree/ diploma received, dates the applicant attended the institution, area of study, and discrepancies if any.

Likewise, we verify  special  licenses  held  by  the  applicant  to  authenticate  the  candidate’s qualification  to  serve  in  those  positions  that  require  special  licenses  to  practice.  Such  special professions  as  Medical  Doctors,  Pharmacists,  Lawyers,  Architects,  need  special  licenses  and memberships  as  requisite  to  professional  practice.  Even  lower  level  semi  professionals  like drivers  are  known  to  engage  in  falsification  of  driving  and  other  documents.  All  these  are verified under this service.  

Please Note:  All  services  strictly  require the  applicant’s  written  consent.  It’s  thus  encouraged that the  employer  keeps  the  candidate  aware  of  the  fact  that  the information  given  shall  be verified by a private agent ahead of an offer of employment being offered.

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