Payroll Management

We at Exquisite Solution offer Fast accurate payroll processing and administration for both local and international clients. Our outsourced Payroll solution relieves you the pressures associated with managing a large payroll and the associated statutory requirements which take away valuable company time and resources. We support all aspects of payroll aimed at allowing you our client the time to concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

Benefits of using our Outsourced Payroll Solution

  • Timely and accurate processing of Employee salaries and wages – including accurate record of the time worked / Attendance, Salary Increments, Incentive and bonus payments, Advance and Loan deductions and administration, among others.
  • Our fully automated system guarantees timely processing of itemised employee Payslips delivered directly into staff email.
  • We are a focal point of contact to offer support in addressing all manner of queries by employees on matters relating to their salary, incentives, Social security, taxes, etc.
  • Implement Professional practices that are legally compliant to all statutory requirements as applicable to local and expatriate employees.
  • Support end-to-end payroll solutions for foreign companies performing global business.
  • We support all industry and sector verticals, offering as a Value adding service, language support as may be required in a particular country context.
  • We support companies and staff in the management of all elements of reimbursement management as well as calculation of Arrears, overtime, leave encashment, and other such intricate elements to employee pay.
  • We also help in final settlement of employees – with, on top of the calculation and processing their final retirement packages, gratuity and discretionary bonus, provide special training to leaving staff to prepare them for their retirement.

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