How to increase your job security during a pandemic

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The corona virus pandemic has changed the world as we know it! The latest statistics show that Uganda has (Ministry of Health, 2020) registered over 3,776 confirmed covid19 cases and many more may be reported in the times to come. Unemployment looms to destabilize an already fragile economy and sooner rather than later this might hit home for most. Organizations are now focusing on the most critical functions and downsizing is an inevitable strategy that companies are utilizing. We want to give first hand information as to steps you can use to improve your worth/value at the work place and improve your job security.


This shortened to R.A.F.T is a strategy one cannot miss out on.

Resilience: bouncing back in tough times

Adaptable: adjusting to novel environments

Flexible: being able and willing to wear different hats

Thoughtful: being respectful, intentional & communicating with your colleagues

R.A.F.T, just like the actual structure used to stay afloat, can be used in the work place to keep your job– long term. If resilience is the force that you need to motivate you, then you need to adapt to the ever changing times even when a pandemic occurs. Take on tasks and projects that need to be tackled in this new reality and help your employer succeed. This will most likely increase your job security.


It’s in times like these that you need to get your exercise boots on, and start jogging your mind into the world of creativity. Organizations are looking for the most brilliant- the visionaries. Therefore, bring new ideas to the table whether it is in form of suggestions that could bring in more business or cut expenses. Think of things that could translate into jobs being saved- yours included.


In this life, we never stop learning. Therefore, it’s important you gain as much information as you can. However this does not necessarily mean that you need to adept every shinny thing that comes because not everything is important to know. Hence, rather than learning most things, try and sharpen your learning abilities. Think about how fast you grasp and retain information. You need to understand; what time of the day is most productive, what format makes it easier for you to retain information? This will be a proactive approach to help take your company to a new level in a pandemic crisis through heightened self awareness. Such pro activeness will increase your job security in a pandemic.

4. Get things DONE

It’s important to know that it’s one thing to be strategic thinker: the one who is at the table making decisions, however it’s another thing to actually get into the sand and do the actual work. As the year began, we all had big plans and sound timelines attached to those plans. However, with Covid19, many of the plans were slowed down and in the worst case scenarios- shattered. At this time, employers require employees that can get things done- and get things done fast.

Success right now is for the hardest workers with the greatest tenacity. Are you a such like worker? These four strategies can most definitely increase your job security in a pandemic.

Daka Maureen

Daka Maureen

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