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On the 13th of April, 2021, Uganda undoubtedly made a crucial milestone in signing several mutual agreements that launched oil and gas projects within the country. Several agreements were signed by the Government of Uganda, the Government of Tanzania and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) partners that would enhance opportunities for Ugandans.

It is possible to naturally wonder about the potential significance of these activities on an ordinary Ugandan who has been grappling with unemployment agonies in the country especially following the Covid19 pandemic. We are here to inform you that these agreements evoke a sense of hope. Some key vital benefits we were able to pick out for you were:

A focus on national content:

This typically means that there has been an allocation of employment opportunities with more consideration to Ugandans. It was reflected that about 14,000 people would directly be employed by the companies working within this sector, 57% of which would be Ugandans. This translates into an estimated USD 48.5 million annual payment to Ugandan employees.[1]

Endless job opportunities:

The Government of Uganda has initiated the process of developing strategies to ensure that Ugandans are front line beneficiaries of the oil and gas sector. There is currently an online platform, the National Oil and Gas talent register. This register enables you get recognized by various contractors that will be working directly in the sector. Therefore, it is vital that you prepare your CV to tap into the job opportunities of this sector. Find out how prepare for your job search via our career blog.

Remarkable increase in capacity of Ugandans:

There are already ongoing skills development programs specialized to meet the sectors demands. These have been put in place to enhance Ugandan workers’ competitiveness for gainful employment within the sector.

Consequently, these agreements have translated into opportunities that you cannot overlook. Tell a friend to tell a friend that a can of worms or rather a can of jobs has been opened.


[1]  Dr. Kitutu, K. M. (2021, April 15). Press Conference on the signing of key agreements for the oil and gas sector.


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