Our objective is to promote a working environment where health & safety and environmental awareness are fundamental components of our corporate culture. The health & safety of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors and others affected by our activities or global pandemics such as Covid19 is a key priority for us.

In line with this, we have identified strategies- to ensure a healthy, safe and Corona free work environment:

1. We have restricted access to our premises for all external parties; vendors, visitors/ guests. Only authorized personnel will be given access to the company premises

2. We have distinguished entry and exit doors so as to limit crowding at these access points

3. Social Distancing has been put into full effect and all shareable areas have been limited to reduce possibilities of over crowding

4. All effort has been made to ensure a spacious and adequately air circulated area; all windows and doors should be left open whenever practical; i.e. with AC’s reservedly used in situations of extreme heat or other situations of unfriendly weather like rain

5. We have installed equipment to protect and minimize exposure to surfaces for our staff such as facial recognition staff sign in equipment, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, masks etc

6. Exquisite has, and as deemed necessary by the HR office, incorporated flexible working hours for its staff. We have, whenever possible, encouraged staff to work from home especially in cases where their work is not impeded by absence from office

7. Exquisite Solution has ensured that constant awareness and communication is circulated amongst its employees, customers and vendors and where applicable, training have been conducted to ensure adherence to guidelines on the pandemic as severally shared by the government of Uganda and agencies


*Extract from ESL OH&S policy 2020