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Adrenalin eSystems Limited. is a global product and software solutions company in the field of HR automation. AeSys is headquartered in Chennai, with partners and sales offices across India and worldwide. Adrenalin has 14+ years of successful operations in employee process automation, established Quality Management Practices and dedicated investments in user and product research programs. Currently, over 600 customers across 33+ verticals & over 600,000 users use Adrenalin. Adrenalin is a group company of Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a $100 million company which is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services.

Exquisite Solution is the local representative & sole licence of Adrenaline Products & Services

Adrenalin Products & Services!

Adrenalin boasts of a comprehensive HR software covering the entire gamut of Human Resource. It encompasses various key modules like Workforce Administration, Recruitment, Performance Management, Talent Development, Payroll, HR Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration and Mobile.

Talent Management

Adrenalin’s Talent Management Solution offers three major components-Talent Acquisition, Performance Alignment and Talent Development. These module serves as a central online Talent Management tool that is easy to use to identify the right talent, manage and nurture the talent within an organization.

Performance Alignment

Adrenalin’s Performance Management module serves as a central online performance review and talent development tool. It empowers employees to manage their own performance, update goals and develop plans and encourage feedback. It helps managers have an objective, transparent performance assessment, recommend improvement plans and assess leadership talent and spot potential candidates for succession. Setup appraisal calendars, build goal & competency bank, initiate goal setting process and goal review process, initiate self-appraisal & reviews by managers, set a standardized rating benchmark and spot, groom talent. Supporting quantitative and qualitative performance appraisal mechanism, Adrenalin’s PMS is a self-sufficient Performance Alignment module

Talent Development

Adrenalin’s Talent Development module ensures that organizations manage their talent assets and mitigate the talent risks. Put in place a training plan and deliver sharply targeted training that upgrades key competencies required for business advantage, while reducing administrative overheads. Adrenalin’s Succession Planning module identifies key positions in organisation based on the criticality and retention risk. Identify the potential candidates for succession by mapping competencies for the key positions.

Payroll Management

Adrenalin Payroll allows organisations to efficiently and accurately pay everyone in their entire workforce – no matter where they are located! Adrenalin Payroll delivers pay cheques with ease, complete with error-free calculations, from compliances like taxation & PF to salary and reimbursements. It is compatible with the Payroll and statutory compliances of 24+ countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

Compensation and Benefits Management

At Adrenalin, our position management module helps tag a compensation template for each position that you define within your organisation. The HR module will default all pay component defined based on the position occupied by the person in the organisation. This configurable, intuitive process for base and variable pay helps to manage the compensation easily. Adrenalin’s compensation planning system will help achieve the following for your business:

Manage compensation related costs
Allocate funds to retain top talent & avoid paying underachievers
Improve compliance& ensure equity
Shift and Scheduling

At Adrenalin, we have designed our Shift and Schedule solution to manage shifts and group employees under each shift based on your different business and project needs. Our HR software not only helps create schedules and fit employees into them, they also enable employees and managers to request/change shifts as required. Following our simple setups and scheduling pages, you can designate each employee to a group/shift and specify the exact weeks or dates when the shifts are applicable.

Rewards Management

With a single point reference for employee’s key achievements during the tenure, true merit and performance never goes unnoticed. Various categories of rewards can be created and the rewards given to employees, appreciations received from seniors/customers, can be recorded by managers under these categories. Documentary proof of rewards or accolades can be uploaded with the provision for single view of all rewards/accolades received by employee. These can be reviewed during individual reviews or appraisals.


Adrenalin offers business intelligence (iReporter) and analytics (iAnalytica) that allow you to make winning decisions. iReporter is our report designer that empowers report authors with creating ad-hoc reports by specifying business rules, design format and filter parameters. It solves all reporting needs. Now, examine and probe data, export reports to Microsoft Office Word / Excel / Pdf for further analysis.

Adrenalin is Social, Mobile and Cloud ready!


Adrenalin’s mobile offering delivers an experience that makes workforce decisive and smart. Mobile enable your workforce, stay connected to business from anywhere, everywhere & on any device. It enables mobile attendance through GPS & NFC.

Jonction(Social Collaboration)

Adrenalin introduces first of its kind enterprise social engagement & collaboration platform-‘Jonction’, that allows employees to connect, communicate and collaborate breaking location barriers. Jonction allows you to connect people with expertise, facilitate more feedback and break down organizational silos.

Cloud HCM and Easy Integration with ERP

Adrenalin HCM on Cloud is quick to deploy, easy to use and pay-as-you-go. Data is secure , Ease of Use , Fast Implementation and no Capital Cost. Adrenalin can also be made to work seamlessly with most major ERP, Finance and Payroll system.

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