Ten years of Business Process Outsourcing Excellence
Call Center Management
We provide inbound and outbound call handling staff for both permanent and temporary positions
Best Quarter Employee
Labour Services
We provide short term contract staff to fill lower level non-core job openings
Awarding our Best Employees
Awarding our Best Employees
Training & Development
We offer a varity of development and management Training courses both off and onsite depending on the client’s perference.
Linguistic Services
We offer Translation and Interpretation services in all major languages across Africa and Europe as well as Chinese and Arabic.

Our Core Services

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Established ten years ago in the county of Middlesex and later in the fringes of Kampala District, Exquisite Solution has touched thousands of ... Read More››

Wall Of Fame

  • Sabiiti Ivan is the Business Process Outsourcing ...
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  • Client Testimonials

    “It has been an absolute delight to work with you on this career development training for our staff. I need to assure you every member is so excited and optimistic about life after the NUTI project. You are so good at and committed to what you do, something only achievable if you love what you do.”
    Amanda WilletChief of PartyNUTI, USAID/Casals and Associates Inc